About Us

The story of ARANA

Founded in 2016, ARANA has been striving to become a professional supplier of air conditioner, refrigerator, kitchens and sanitary in China recreational vehicle market. We devote ourselves to making RV life more convenient and comfortable with reliable quality and professional service, creating a different RV experience and adding vigor and power to the development of China RV market.

Make A Difference

ARANA is a new brand to supply air conditioners, refrigerators, kitchen, sanitary and accessories for Recreational Vehicle industries in the world wide market.

Adhering to the brand concept “Make A Difference”, ARANA is rooted in China market, provides customer and market different choices and makes each journey more pleasant and memorable by concentrating on researching customers needs and creating high quality products elaborately.

Company Vision

Promoting the development of the domestic RV market, let more people acquaint with RV, fall in love with RV and be willing to try outdoor travelling.

Providing super quality and competitive price products for customers, bringing end users with excellent outdoor living feeling. We keep providing the cost-effective and good-quality products, improving the market competition.

Policy & Guideline

Be persist in the most professional and dedicated attitude to do research and development, accelerating innovation to meet with customers’ latest requirments.

More and more people get interested in outdoor living and RV around the world, we can provide the customized RVs and make the mobile living more comfortable. Various kinds of product options will attract more end users, being the most popular company.

Our Mission

Good quality is the root, innovation is the soul.